CIRS House Hunting Guide

CIRS House Hunting Guide

Many CIRS patients find themselves repeatedly struggling to locate a safe living space.This guide was created by a collaboration of medical and environmental professionals within the CIRS community, many of whom have CIRS themselves. We can STOP the cycle of repetitive relocation to establish a safe space. This practical guide clearly illustrates the observation skills needed to identify a water damaged building.

House Hunting with CIRS contains 30 critical observations, compiled by qualified environmental and medical professionals, to evaluate individual and multi-family buildings. Multiple pictures provide examples of water damage that are frequently overlooked. Contact information for environmental experts, with extensive knowledge and experience with CIRS, is included. These environmental professionals are actively researching and streamlining effective remediation practices for CIRS patients.

This guide is available for only $7.00.

NOTE: ALL proceeds from this resource will go toward funding for VIP through the Center for Research on Biotoxin Associated Illness (CRBAI). Everyone can make a difference!

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