A Message from Our Friends at Hopkinton Drug about how you can make your voice heard on VIP.

A Message from Our Friends at Hopkinton Drug about how you can make your voice heard on VIP.
You may be at risk of losing access to your compounded medications. The FDA has been working on finalizing an agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with regards to compounded medication between each state's board of pharmacy and the federal government. It requires from each state government that signs on a lot of extra work to track compounded medications that are distributed without providing additional resources to execute it. If a state refuses to sign this MOU, the FDA will limit pharmacies in that state to dispensing compounds totaling 5% or less of their total prescription volume interstate. This means that patients that currently use compounded medications are at risk of no longer having access to their treatments.
We are urging you to act today by submitting public comments to your congressional representatives and senatorsPlease visit democracy.io to submit comments in support of your continuing access to compounded medications. To submit your comment, visit democracy.io, enter your address, and hit Submit. On the next screen click "Write to them!" to contact all your senators and congressional representatives. Then fill in the form on the next screen with your own personal information.
You may type your own comment or copy and paste the comment below.  
Access to compounded medications
I am writing to you as a member of your district and a patient being treated with compounded medications that I feel are vital to my health and well-being. The FDA is proposing to implement an agreement on the interstate shipment of compounded medications with state boards of pharmacy. Many state governments disagree with the proposed agreement that the FDA has published, and several have already given notice they will refuse to sign this agreement. This is a battle between federal and state governments with vulnerable patients like me stuck in the middle. If the FDA and the states cannot reach an agreement on this matter, compounding pharmacies may be limited to shipping only 5% of their total prescriptions out of state. This would put patients like me at risk of losing access to vital treatments.
I urge you to intervene to protect access to my medication, and access to the medication of hundreds of thousands of other Americans which the FDA is jeopardizing.

If democracy.io is not working for you, you can try using this website instead:. https://www.votervoice.net/mobile/IACP/campaigns/68622/respond


Just be sure to replace the subject and the body with either the message we provided, or your own personalized message.

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