Copernicus Group IRB approval

Copernicus Group IRB approval

Surviving Mold is delighted to announce that one of its credentialed physicians, Dr. Scott McMahon of Roswell, New Mexico, has been credentialed as a Principal Investigator by Copernicus Group IRB of Research Triangle Park, NC!

The credentialing process was involved, with a need to obtain NIH approval of his investigator status as well as developing research protocols and study designs that are deemed to be acceptable science by a human ethics research board. Compare this approval of Dr. McMahon with some papers recently published in the mold community that have no IRB approval at all.

Dr. McMahon has begun work on his project that involves use of NeuroQuant testing to use brain injury measurements to separate mold from control patients; and Lyme from control and mold patients.

Dr. McMahon was assisted in this quest by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker who has obtained IRB approval for 13 separate research projects.

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