Online Proficiency Partners Course

Online Proficiency Partners Course

Proficiency Partners is an online CIRS training program open to all interested parties, including non-prescribers.

The training program offers a broad spectrum of information that may assist you as an individual or practitioner in your respective field.  It is not intended to qualify you to treat or diagnose outside your licensed area of practice. If you want to learn about Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome commonly known as CIRS then completing this course should formally introduce you to the issues and hopefully stimulate a desire to learn more about a condition that affects so many in today’s world. 

Teaching will contain the basis of an on-line test confirming Proficiency in CIRS

An on-line final exam (4 hours allotted for completion of 171 questions) is offered for those who want to confirm their proficiency status. The exam is multiple choice, graded on-line, with a diploma and listing on the Surviving Mold website for three months.


Materials provided:
6 to a page color copies of slides

Text of Proficiency lectures




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