Scott McMahon

Scott W. McMahon, MD, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Creighton University in 1985. He completed his Medical Degree at Creighton University School of Medicine in 1989. He concluded a prestigious pediatric residency at Duke University Medical Center in 1992. He has maintained board certification and has been practicing pediatrics in Roswell, New Mexico, for 26 years. His interest in Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) began in 2009.

Dr. McMahon first learned about CIRS after being approached by a businessman whose daughter became ill while attending a local school. This man’s search for his child’s healing brought him to Dr. Shoemaker. Dr. McMahon visited Dr. Shoemaker’s office twice and saw the tremendous need for physicians treating CIRS. Dr. McMahon immediately opened a practice in Roswell specifically to diagnose and treat patients with CIRS, starting with 15 patients from the local school. His CIRS practice has now grown to several hundred adults and children.

Dr. Shoemaker has and continues to graciously give of his time and knowledge to insure a first-rate education to all about CIRS. No board certification currently covers this illness and the closest to such accomplishing this is passing Dr. Shoemaker’s CIRS Certification Program. Dr. McMahon is the first physician in the world to complete this rigorous testing.

Dr. McMahon has spoken on CIRS and other topics at a number of medical meetings. He has written two books and co-authored three consensus statements. One statement, co-authored by Dr. Shoemaker and other experts, is the most comprehensive paper to date on CIRS and the health effects of exposure to the interior of water-damaged buildings. Dr. McMahon has participated in “mold” cases for plaintiffs and the defense. He maintains an office for CIRS patients in Roswell, New Mexico.

Dr. McMahon’s Contact information:Email:
Phone: 575-627-5571
Fax: 575-627-6430

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