No luck finding a Shoemaker Certified Practitioner? Here are some solutions:

No luck finding a Shoemaker Certified Practitioner? Here are some solutions:

The top inquiries to our site continue to be, ‘”Is there a Shoemaker Certified Practitioner near me? And, “Is there one who also takes my insurance?” While we don’t have practitioners in every region as of yet, many certified practitioners are set up to work with insurance providers.

If you’ve searched and just can’t seem to find a Shoemaker Practitioner that works with your insurance and budget, there are still options to ensure you get the support and treatment you need for CIRS/Biotoxin illness recovery.

Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

1/ It’s a new Zoom world. Many physicians work with patients at a distance. Give them a call to see if it’s a possibility.

The way each physician works remotely is different. Often, you may be required an initial or occasional office visit, and then set up labs in your area. It’s possible to have your follow-up appointments via video call sessions. It never hurts to check and see what’s possible with a physician in your region or maybe near a relative or friend you can visit.

View our Shoemaker Physician List Here >>

2/ Point your Attending Physician to our Practitioner Resources (or find one who is interested in learning about the Protocol with you).

Dr. Shoemaker and the Surviving Mold team have put together online access to resources for any physician interested in implementing the scientifically proven, published and peer-reviewed Shoemaker Protocol.

We support patients in becoming advocates for themselves and their treatment, and in finding a physician who is willing to explore the scientifically founded information at along with you.

If you dig a little deeper you’ll find there are physicians who may not be listed in our system, but they are familiar with Dr. Richie’s work. It is your right to ask questions and find the practitioner who will work with you and support you with the best, fact-based, leading information available. We are confident you’ll find that information right here.

3/ Support for your recovery journey is available, too.

Questions will arise as you embark on the recovery pathway and it helps to know where you can turn. Here are a few options:

1/ Our Membership Program offers free bonus support materials (including VCS tests), access to the leading experts and information in the field, and you (and your attending physician) can submit all your questions directly to Dr. Shoemaker’s support team.


2/ The Shoemaker Proficiency Partners offer support in a variety of ways. Reach out to any in your area and inquire as to how they can help you. You can also find practitioners’ CIRS Support Groups & Coaching through our site, too.

3/ We have many informational resources on site, including volumes of FAQs, preliminary to in-depth. Visit our FAQ portal, or use our Search Feature on the site. There are videos, podcasts, research papers, Protocol essays from our Certified Physicians and so much more!

We wish you all the very best on this journey, including the best resources, care team, and support available. We hope this article serves you. Keep letting us know your questions and requests, or consider joining our membership program where you have the best opportunities to address questions and find answers!

Here are Resources for both you, and your attending physician:

Surviving Mold Membership Program >>[

FREE “Got Mold? The Diagnosis-to-Recovery Guide” >>

A Physician’s Guide to Biotoxin Illness >>

Provides an in-depth exploration with added charts, graphics and more. (Electronic download/$99.85)

Shoemaker Protocol Certification Programs >>

Certification is offered at two levels to serve a wider audience. One level is geared for physicians and the other level is for all interested parties, including health professionals, coaches, and advocates.

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