A Physician’s Guide to Biotoxin Illness

A Physician’s Guide to Biotoxin Illness
A Physician’s Guide to Understanding & Treating BiotoxinIllness
Based on the work of Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. ELECTRONIC ONLY
By Yvonne Berry, M.D.
Reviewed by Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.
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Looking for a structured understanding of Dr. Shoemaker's work on CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)? A wonderful resource for patients and physicians alike, A Physician’s Guide to Understanding & Treating Biotoxin Illness Based on the work of Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. is packed with colorful diagrams and tables for easier understanding of this complex information. This Physician's Guide will help streamline the abundance of information that Dr. Shoemaker has compiled over the years, giving an excellent foundation to understanding his work.


The following is a comprehensive list of what is included:

1. A definition of biotoxins and how they can cause CIRS in susceptible individuals: This section includes a detailed explanation of the pathophysiology, genetics, and immunology behind CIRS.

2. A review of Dr. Shoemaker's "Rosetta Stone," with step by step instruction on how to interpret HLA results: This section also includes information regarding "dreaded haplotypes" and their clinical significance.

3. A list of possible causes of CIRS from biotoxin exposure.

4. A review of the "Biotoxin Pathway," discovered by Dr. Shoemaker, with in depth details on the pathophysiology for each step.

5. Essentials to the diagnosis of CIRS-WDB: This section includes a discussion on how to interpret in office VCS test results, a list of preliminary labs for adults and pediatric patients, and information regarding PAX Gene testing. Note: NeuroQuant is not included due to the timing of this publication prior to the published NeuroQuant research.

6. 78 pages of extensive review of the steps in Dr. Shoemaker's treatment protocol: This section additionally includes information regarding step by step instructions for graded exercises, pediatric treatment caveats, and the SAIIE protocol for reexposure.

7. An 8 page succinct summary of the diagnostic and treatment steps.

8. References: Over 90 references, most with hyperlinks, supporting the writings in this Physician's Guide.


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