Week of December 25, 2023

Week of December 25, 2023

1/  Biotoxin Binders

QUESTION: My primary physician has prescribed Pectasol for my wife who has early onset dementia, felt to be due to biotoxin exposure. Will this work?

ANSWER: No. There is no data published anywhere showing benefit of Pectasol as a replacement for cholestyramine and Welchol, the medication used as a binder in an initial Shoemaker Protocol™ step to begin the detoxification and recovery process. If there are problems with either of the binders that have been proven to work, the low dose VIP protocol can help in a later step in the Protocol.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Shoemaker Protocol™.  Resources are also available for your attending physician on the site, or we recommend working with a Shoemaker Protocol™ practitioner or partner.

This information is also found in chapter 10 of the text book, The Art and Science of CIRS Medicine. I recommend that you make a copy of this for your physician and ask him to read it in preparation for finding a wife to get your wife on binders that will work.

You may also be interested in the CSM and VIP medication learning modules available on the site.

2/ Cleaning wooden cribs:

QUESTION: Can my son’s wooden crib be cleaned and transported to new residence?

ANSWER: Yes. Non-porous materials can be vacuumed and wiped down with a topical disinfectant. I recommend ammonium based cleaners like Fantastic.

3/ Contaminated water:

QUESTION:  January. I had the immediate onset of eye pain, burning, pressure, redness and other pains every since. My vision has continued to deteriorate.

ANSWER: I would not agree that a simple eye wash is adequate treatment; you and I both know that exposure to water-damaged buildings can create problems with red eyes and blurred vision. I would recommend you consult a certified Shoemaker Protocol™ physician.

Also, see question #1 above for more information and Shoemaker Protocol™ resources.

4/ CSM:

QUESTION: Generally, how long does one stay on CSM to reduce mycotoxins and is it recommended to go back on CSM each time one has a new exposure?

ANSWER: CMS is continued until resolution of CIRS is achieved. Welchol is a common substitute if there is re-exposure.


See Question #1 above for more information and CSM resources.

5/ Generic CSM

QUESTION I am hearing conflicting stores as to whether it is ok to use generic brand cholestyramine.

ANSWER: Yes. Generic Questran is fine.