Call For Abstracts / Posters

Call For Abstracts / Posters
Call For Abstracts / Posters
Surviving Mold Fall Meeting
October 14-16, 2016
The SM Fall 2016 Cutting Edge in CIRS III meeting will be held at the distinctive Hotel Irvine in Irvine, California.  The general sessions will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, October 14-16, 2016.  The meeting’s main theme is “Expanding Horizons”.  Sessions are set aside for the basics of CIRS, Indoor Environmental Professional talks and how the horizons of CIRS are expanding in your practice.
We are seeking topics and presenters for the following topics and more:
What is a CIRS?
How is CIRS diagnosed and treated?
How would someone explain the Biotoxin Pathway to a patient?
How should patients avoid toxic exposures?
What does every provider need to know about remediation?
What trends or observations have you noticed and tested in your practice?
New to this meeting are honoraria for speakers as well as reimbursement for some travel expenses as previous. A space for posters will be available.  Also new are performance deadlines required to receive honoraria.  Deadlines are needed to obtain the CME credit offered (anticipate 16-18 hours), prepare schedules and smooth video production.
Submission of completed abstract July 10, 2016
Submission of Outline August 10, 2016
Submission of final presentation September 10, 2016
Abstract submission will not be considered complete without a brief bio (<300 words), credentials or CV, contact info, a recent headshot (300dpi/.jpg file format), bibliography and a summary of the presentation.  The format for your summary is listed below.  The bio will be used to introduce you and your talk at the general session.  Please include a representative bibliography with your abstract submission (by July 10) and a completed bibliography with your final presentation submission (by September 10).  Incomplete submissions will not be considered for presentation or honoraria.
Format for Abstract
Author, co-authors
Background info, including hypotheses
One sentence conclusion
3-5 learning objectives
400 words maximum
Abstracts without complete methods will be returned
Presentations will be screened by an existing committee of SM certified practitioners.  Final choices will be made by July 24th.  Presentations which are not selected for use during the general sessions will automatically be reviewed for the poster sessions.
For Presentations
$250 for each 15 minute presentation, $500 for each 30 minute talk
Up to $500 reimbursement for travel expenses
One night’s hotel stay reimbursed for each presentation given
Meeting registration required for honoraria
For the first 15 Posters
$250 for each poster presented
Meeting registration required for honoraria
Send us your idea for a topic with an abstract or poster.  Please also send your bio, CV, head shot, representative bibliography and summary to Debbie Waidner at
Registration for the conference will be available in the next two weeks.  Check in at
We invite you or any of your valued staff to be part of our conference by responding to this Call for Abstracts / Posters.
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