Welcome Dr. Rapaport

Welcome Dr. Rapaport

In our quest to answer the most prevalent and difficult questions posed to Surviving Mold since its launch in 2010,  we  have initiated a program of certification for those doctors wanting to provide the latest and most effective care to patients suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

The certification process has begun generating certified physicians who have completed the one on one training with Dr. Shoemaker.  We are proud to introduce our newest physician, Dr. Sonia Rapaport!

Sonia Rapaport, MD, is a family physician and director of Haven Medical, a listening-based medical practice in Chapel Hill, NC. Board certified in both family medicine and in integrative and holistic medicine, she blends the best of conventional and complementary modalities to address the cause of symptoms. Dr. Rapaport’s specialty is the holistic evaluation and treatment of individuals with complex, multisystem illnesses as she helps them towards the goal of optimal health.

To read the rest of her bio and her contact information, click here!

We are so pleased to have another  doctor that we can affirmatively answer to the tens of thousands that visit our site each month, “Yes, we do have a doctor in your area that practices the Shoemaker Protocol!”   And we are just getting started!!!!!!

If you have any questions concerning the certification training, please do not hesitate to contact us. A program overview can be accessed here.

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