Our first international conference was a huge success!

Our first international conference was a huge success!

We're currently working on a full update and recap on the conference, as well as lots of pictures!


Our first international conference was held in Salisbury, Maryland on 10/7and 10/8.  While this conference was open only to providers, the video of the entire conference will be available soon. We are beginning to plan our first patient/practitioner conference to be held in a warm climate in Spring, 2015.

Look for a summary of our conference to be sent to those on our mailing list in the next few weeks.  Get ready for the new era in CIRS!

Here is some of the content that was discussed:

  • Issues in CIRS practice Scott McMahon pediatrics versus adults
  • Issues in CIRS Keith Berndtson Mold and Lyme
  • Rithie Shoemaker: CIRS as a structure of scientific revolution, with thanks to Thomas Kuhn
  • Jimmy Ryan: How to use genomic testing in CIRS practice
  • Sonia Rapaport: CIRS versus other ideas about CFS
  • Contractors, Remediation and Health


You can preorder the video of the conference below (Coming Soon!)


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