Week of January 22, 2024

Week of January 22, 2024

1/ Multiple Diagnosis:


QUESTION: I have been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disease. I have gained 30-40 pounds as a result of this illness. I am currently following the no-amylose diet and have not seen any results in weight loss. Is there anything else I should be doing to help kick start my metabolism?


ANSWER: Hypometabolism is well documented to be shown by GENIE. Insulin resistance will create difficulty losing weight as shown by GENIE. Leptin resistance not shown by GENIE but is shown by molecular hypometabolism.


Make sure you are not exposed and you have been following the Protocol, the 12-steps, plus defeating molecular hypometabolism.


2/ NeuroQuant:


QUESTION: Regarding your 2014 study (Structural brain abnormalities in patients with inflammatory illness acquired following exposure to water-damaged buildings: A volumetric MRI study using NeuroQuant), there does not appear to be a unit provided for the average volumes for the different brain regions provided in Table 2 and 3. The standard NeuroQuant results provided now (2019) are in cm. Please confirm or provide correct unit used in the tables.


ANSWER: The average volumes are shown by left hemisphere per intracerebral volume and right hemisphere by intracerebral volume.


3/ Brain tumor


QUESTION: If a patient has a benign brain tumor, would it be worthless to get a NeuroQuant?


ANSWER: No, it would be a possible source of asymmetry.


4/ CIRS symptoms, hearing:


QUESTION: Can CIRS affect one’s hearing?


ANSWER: Yes, sensorineural hearing loss can result from injury to the Organ of Corti.


5/ Symptoms, numbness


QUESTION: One of the symptoms of CIRS discussed in Dr. Shoemaker’s writings is numbness. What is going on in the body that causes that feeling?


ANSWER: Reduced delivery of pyruvate being delivered into mitochondria is the source of numbness, peripherally, as well as degenerative disease centrally.


6/ Symptoms, restless legs, insomnia, tinnitus


QUESTION: Are restless leg syndrome, insomnia and tinnitus in one ear common mold toxicity symptoms?


ANSWER: Restless leg syndrome and insomnia are common symptoms but tinnitus is not.


7/ Antibiotic alternative


QUESTION: I am doing treatments for biotoxin illness and MARCoNS. Have you heard of fecal transplants as a treatment in place of antibiotic?


ANSWER: Yes, we have heard of this and it does not work.


8/ Children


QUESTION: Can the Shoemaker protocol be used on children under the age of 7 and is the nasal treatment safe?


ANSWER: Yes, the treatment protocol can be implemented on children under the age of 7 and the nasal treatment is not used for children that age.