Nasal Cultures

Effective immediately, nasal cultures to isolate and identify coag neg staphs will be run by Microbiology Dx. Microbiology Dx is run by Dr. Joseph Musto; reach him at 781-276-4956 or The lab is CLIA certified.

The lab website is 

Cost is $50 for negative culture and $85 for positive culture and
antibiograms. Cultures are not run through insurance, fee-for-service only.
Billing is monthly; patients will be furnished with a HCFA form for
submission on their own to their insurance carriers.

Lab Orders


C3a & C4a - USE QUEST

There have been many questions regarding the lab testing for C4a and C3a.  These tests must be done through Quest - the LabCorp testing is no longer valid.  The Quest system has representatives for each area.  Questions about coverage and insurance should be directed to your area sales rep.  It is normal for results to take up to 4 weeks to return.  Updated Lab Orders can be found above.