With the advent of new technologies and acquired knowledge, the number of fields in biomics and their applications in diverse areas are rapidly increasing in the post genomics era. Such emerging fields present promising solutions to combat global challenges in biomedicine, agriculture and the environment.

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EnviroBiomics applies MSQPCR & NGS technology to the understanding of the spectrum of microbial colonization of your biome – the space you share with the organisms in our World.

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ERMI Testing - Environmental Relative Moldiness Index


Is Your Home or Building Safe For You?


Mold illness comes from any indoor environment that is damaged by water intrusion. What would you do if you faced the following concerns of real patients?

  • You are a new home buyer. You have a history of unusual fatigue, cognitive problems, and chronic respiratory problems. Your doctor says indoor mold makes you sick. How can you tell if the beautiful new home across town is safe?
  • Now make yourself a 55-year-old secretary at a large manufacturing site. Your office had visible mold growth; you were proven to be made ill by re-exposure to the office. Your employer assures you the office has been cleaned thoroughly.
  • Now have three sick kids in a riverfront town in Massachusetts. Your children were told they had Lyme disease, but they didn't get better with tons of antibiotics. Another physician says your kids are sick from exposure to WDB.

How do you know if toxigenic molds are in your indoors? Do you spend thousands of dollars for an industrial hygenist to come in and take a few air samples? There is a better and simpler way that you can do yourself to ensure you and your family are safe.

What is ERMI?

ERMI is the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index.  Based of leading scientific technology, Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (MSQPCR), the ERMI has brought to light the darkness of indoor mold testing.

ERMI is an objective, standardized DNA based method of testing that will identify and quantify molds.  ERMI uses the analysis of settled dust in homes and buildings to determine the concentrations of the DNA of the different species of molds.  Thirty-six species were divided into 26 species/clusters of molds associated with WDB (Group 1) and 10 common species/clusters not associated with WDB.

The mold index is the difference between Group 1 and Group 2 found in a building.  The computer ERMI values are graphed from lowest to highest.  The scale ranges from -10 up to 20.  The percentages of buildings that fall into different ERMI percentages is shown.  For example, an ERMI of 14 is in the top 25% of homes for relative mold burden. 

The automated analysis provides for rapid, reproducible results that can be reliably interpreted.  For patients, prospective home-buyers, industrial hygenists and remediators alike, ERMI shows great promise for the future.