Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

I have been to a practitioner who uses live blood analysis. There are no mold spores or mold of any kind in my blood. I have many symptoms. Please explain why.

The source of illness parameters, including innate immune activation and hormonal disruption, among others, is due to an inflammatory response. This is not an illness where we can culture for bacteria or fungi in blood and we will not find those organisms in tissue. The illness begins with abnormal processing of a complex mixture of antigens found in the interior environment of a water damaged building. It is not a condition that could be diagnoses by live blood analysis. I have seen a number of providers making claims about live blood analysis that did not hold up to scrutiny. I would simply ask that your practitioner provide the same levels of documentation of the reliability of his approaches as other providers are asked to provide for their opinions.


  • Debi
    - Nov 20, 2014
    My first ND did use the live blood test, and I still have the video tape showing the masses of terrifying mold creatures attacking my blood cells. But he had already diagnosed me due to my symptoms, and the fact that I had been exercising in a public rec center with long-term roof leaks, me stupidly thinking that by law public buildings were required to be safe (ha!) The tape was done two years after I got sick, because like most mold victims, it was a long, hard struggle to find a doctor to take my illness seriously. The very first indication of my mold exposure was the excruciating chest pain, leading to a chest x-ray showing a massive fungal infection. Which I was simply given Advil for and told by the MD it would "go away on its own".
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  • janel
    - Sep 5, 2014
    How SHOULD one get tested to determine if they have mold poisioning?

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