Surviving Mold, Houston, Texas August 2017: In the Wake of the Flood

Surviving Mold, Houston, Texas August 2017: In the Wake of the Flood

Rising waters lead to rising fears in Texas after previous repeated failures of government agencies to protect people’s health from toxic, water damaged buildings


Floods from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy in our recent past have shown us just how poorly Federal and Public Health agencies (FEMA, HSA, EPA, CDC, HHS, HUD) have performed in helping flood victims understand the dangers of reoccupying buildings that have experienced massive and widespread water intrusion - including homes, schools and workplaces. Once microbes gain residence in these water damaged buildings (WDB) an epidemic of debilitating illness will soon follow consequent upon exposure to molds and bacteria, biotoxins, inflammagens and their volatile organic compounds. The illness is a chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS-WDB). The responsible agencies continue to ignore well-published studies reporting on thousands of patients in case/control, prospective and double-blind, placebo controlled trials.


If Hurricane Harvey has ravaged the Southeast Texas as a Category 4 hurricane, will the next Category 5 do more damage somewhere else?


Simply stated: wet buildings make genetically susceptible people acutely, and then chronically ill. We know why, we know how, we know how to measure the injury, including brain injury as shown by a special MRI software program called NeuroQuant, and we know the underlying gene basis for the injuries. All these concepts have been published after peer review. 


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