CIRSx presents “I Dream of GENIE: - Volume 6 Webinar January 12, 2024

CIRSx presents “I Dream of GENIE: - Volume 6 Webinar January 12, 2024

Come hear your leaders in Data Driven Medicine for Solving and Resolving Chronic Illness.  
One of the greatest complexities of dealing with chronic illness is setting up an organized flow for a differential diagnosis...In ideal healthcare, a Differential Diagnosis is not a list of what you have, but Rather a list of "WHY" you might have.   Your best medical guesstimate then requires clinically validated labs and imaging to sort out what is really going on for the chronically ill patient. 
Come hear our Hero in Differential diagnosis Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD ....the man who discovered biotoxin illness and published the peer-reviewed, reproducible screening, diagnosing and treatment protocols for CIRS speak on separating CIRS in relation to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mold, Lyme and Covid talk about the nuance and details on this illness. This talk is not to be missed. 

 Shoemaker certified provider Peg DiTulio, FNP honor the complexities of multi-system, multi symptom illnesses as an extension of CIRS, CIRS plus (yes, multiple underlying causes) or maybe not CIRS at all.  iDOG (I Dream of GENIE live webinars) are your primer for serving the chronically ill at the root level.  This is a prequel talk for Peg DiTulio's ongoing Differential Diagnosis talk at the CIRSx May 16-19th conference in Texas.  


Dr. Shoemaker is honing in on his 30th anniversary on one of the most important medical discoveries of our time: BIOTOXIN ILLNESS (CIRS).   

Nevertheless, 27 years later, the most important principle of "Remove Patient From Biotoxin Exposure" remains elusive for the chronically ill, the Indoor environmental professional, the remediator, CIRS coach and healthcare provider.   

Come hear Larry Schwartz demonstrates an organized flow of inspection, detection and evaluation on one of the most complicated buildings our community will ever come across.  

 Moreover, Dr. Scott McMahon will deliver the prequel to his May 16-9th Frisco, Texas CIRSx conference presentation..."ADH: To Pee or Not to Pee".  In classic Dr. McMahon brilliance, humor, practicalities and endless clinical experience you will learn all about the underrated hormone ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone).  This iDOG will lay the foundation for his essential overdue talk in May "STEP 6 Correct ADH".   

When it comes to GENIE (Genetic Expression N Inflammation Explained) most of us are catching up, reviewing, and learning at breakneck speed.  It's time to stop and smell the transcriptomic ROSES with Lousie Carder MSc giving an overview of how you can integrate GENIE into your practice.  It's extraordinary to think just 10 years ago we were limited by static genes (you have a gene or not).  Now we can measure in real time whether specific genes are turned on and manufacturing certain proteins or turned off and not manufacturing proteins. 

As we know, some genes (like the creation of energy) should be red and humming...whereas others (like the genes that manufacture inflammatory proteins to specific stimuli - Mold, Actinobacteria, endotoxin, Lyme, infection, etc.) are ideally turned off and ice blue on the GENIE.  We all look forward to the multiple clinical pearls coming our way from Louise at iDOG6. 

After Louise breaks down the basics of GENIE in clinical practice, Jimmy Ryan PhD, co-pioneer of GENIE will once again have you see physiology three dimensionally and provide insight on the crosstalk between metabolic output and immune cell activation.  This metabolic immune crosstalk is critical to production of metabolites needed by immune cells to fight pathogens.  

Metabolic rewiring is a phenomenon known to occur in immune cells to allow tailored responses to specific immunogens. We can look at GENIE’s ribosomal and mitochondrial markers to better understand how immune cell metabolic activity is guided in CIRS. 

In a post Covid world, let Dr. Ryan once again open new understanding of how our metabolic systems determine more than just cellular energy levels 

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