Announcing Special Training Program at the 2019 Mold Congress Event

Announcing Special Training Program at the 2019 Mold Congress Event
We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Mold Congress will host a special, all day training program for all those interested in CIRS, including diagnosis and treatment. Beginning at 8 AM, ending at 5 PM on Thursday, Ritchie Shoemaker MD will host the all day, module-based instructional course. Upon completion, those attending will be invited to take a 200-question, on-line multiple choice exam leading to Diplomate status as Proficient in CIRS. For those who wish to continue their CIRS education further, all fees paid for Proficiency training will be applied to costs of the Certification program.
This course is designed to be a thorough look at what is CIRS, the complexity of the illness and the steps used in evidence-based treatment protocols. An emphasis will be placed on understanding transcriptomics, including the new GENIE test. This transcriptomic test gives sophisticated molecular results of differential gene activation seen in CIRS at a fraction of the cost of RNA seq.
The cost of the course is $800 per person. Taking the test is optional but for those who wish to demonstrate their understanding of CIRS, the test is suggested. The test fee is $700.
For those who don't prescribe, but simply want to know more, including both patients and health providers, this course is for you.


JANUARY 17 - 20, 2019

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