The conference may be over, but you can still watch it here!!

The conference may be over, but  you can still watch it here!!

If you purchased the conference pass you can still stream the event! Click below to log in and view the replay! If you didn't buy a pass yet, you can still buy a pass and access the videos!!

You can watch the entire event for $99! Just click below! If you've already paid, just log in to view!



If you alreday have a pass:


First, you will click here to go to the event page using the link above.

Then click on "Already have a ticket?" below the big green
purchase box.

Next, it may ask you to re log in. Click the blue "Email" box in
the new window where it says "Connect with..", and use the email
and password you created when you first purchased the event.  If you used Facebook to registe please click the Facebook box. 

After you are logged in, the last day's video is the first one that
appears,  There is an arrow immediately to the right of the video that will allow you to go
back and watch the other videos.  The arrows are very faint, but are there.



  • Windy
    - Dec 14, 2015
    Hi Trevor. I found the slides by following the link below. Windy
    (reply to Windy)
  • Trevor
    - Nov 23, 2015
    I appreciate the conference I have watched so far but there are bits missing. If the recordings exist it would be nice to have this fixed. Especially the IAQ session on Saturday afternoon. Also, are the PowerPoint presentations available? They are not on the learning through travel site. By the way, if these videos are missing you might want to rephrase "entire event" and disclose the missing bits on this page.
  • Donna
    - Nov 17, 2015
    Thank you for the ability to watch via Live Stream. So impressed with many of the lectures and families ( and my provider). Pleased I can watch the one day I missed due to work schedule. Thankful this Thanksgiving for Dr. Shoemaker and all CIRS providers and researchers!

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