Surviving Mold Podcast -Episode 1 with Dr. Karen Johnson

Surviving Mold Podcast -Episode 1 with Dr. Karen Johnson
Did you know that moldy environments, including houses, apartments and office buildings can affect your memory. Dr. Karen Johnson discusses how biotoxin illness can have significant consequences for memory loss. Have you ever wondered if moldy home can cause mental problems, you may be onto something! Mold and moldy environments represent over 40% of American buildings, and 1 in 4 is naturally susceptible to mold based illnesses!

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  • Tina
    - Oct 22, 2018
    Not a bit funny, stick to the topic (interviewer)
  • shauncey
    - Aug 2, 2018
    I have CIRS i have been sick in bed for twenty years. I recently found and started following the Dr. Shoemaker protocol. I am very thankful to have found Dr. Shoemaker and his protocol. I too listened to the podcast it's not offensive. This young man isn't making fun of us he's just trying to lighten up the subject. There's nothing wrong with laughter! humor in a good form brings medicine to the body. Don't be afraid to listen to this podcast it has some good information.
  • Nancy
    - Aug 2, 2018
    Yeah, I think they need a more seasoned, professional moderator. He never even introduced himself! If part of the goal is to advance the cause of CIRS and to get it accepted in conventional medical circles, I'd suggest having a professional interviewer.
  • Ben
    - Aug 1, 2018
    The information provided by Dr. Karen Johnson is valuable. Additionally, we have been reading facts available on and have purchased the book "Mold Illness - Surviving and Thriving". All have been helpful to us suffering from exposure to mycotoxins in our home and workplace. However, the moderator's injection of humorous comments during the podcast was out of place and an affront to those who are suffering from CIRS. The hardships resulting from declining health due to exposure to mycotoxins are not in the least bit funny.

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