Latest Update from Dr. Shoemaker

Latest Update from Dr. Shoemaker

At we have tried to show the mold community that high-quality research must support what health care providers do for CIRS patients. Guessing at what might help, or advocating use of anecdotal data as proven fact is not good enough. To that end, our group continues to publish with CRC chapters on (i) ciguatera and (ii) the inflammatory basis of musculoskeletal pain accepted for publication. Our Lyme biomarkers paper is accepted for publication; it will be out any day now. Our patent (9, 770, 170 B2) on treatment protocols for CIRS was published 9/26/2017.

Patients are allowed to ask if treatment modalities proposed by non-certified docs have been published and peer reviewed. Today, for example, I had a Mom getting ready to use bioidentical progesterone for a 13-year old daughter with low MSH and undefined aromatase function. I asked, "Based on what data?" This was after she was treated for tick-borne illness with herbs and then ozone. "Based on what data?" Nothing to justify such odd therapy(ies) was presented.

As we progress with transcriptomics and as genomics takes the principles of CIRS to other non-CIRS entities like chronic pain, cardiomyopathy and atherosclerosis, for example, our research will be guided by published data and good science. will help make the path easier for others to find by providing seed money for CIRS-related research. If you are interested performing IRB-approved research, send us your ideas ( together with your CV. Let's talk about making today's new theory and today's new hypotheses become tomorrow's gold standards.d todays new hypotheses become tomorrow’s gold standards.

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