Indoor Environmental Professionals Panel of Surviving Mold CONSENSUS STATEMENT

Indoor Environmental Professionals Panel of Surviving Mold CONSENSUS STATEMENT

Medically sound investigation and remediation of water-damaged Buildings in cases of CIRS-WDB

Larry Schwartz CIEC, BSME, MBA, Greg Weatherman CMC, Michael Schrantz CIEC, CMI, BPI-BA/EP, Will Spates CIAQP, CIEC, Jeff Charlton, ACIEC, AACIEH, Keith Berndtson MD, Ritchie Shoemaker MD

Internal review performed by The Professionals Panel of


This consensus statement on the prevention, assessment, and remediation of water damaged buildings and the maintenance of indoor environmental quality follows a companion medical consensus statement written by physician colleagues (“SM Certified Physicians”) of the Professionals Panel of The prior consensus focuses on medical issues found in patients who have a chronic inflammatory illness syndrome acquired following exposure to the interior environment of water-damaged buildings (CIRS-WDB). In cases of CIRS-WDB, we recommend methods for (i) finding causes of and preventing water damage to built environments; (ii) investigating and remediating WDBs when occupants suffer from CIRS-WDB; (iii) maintaining indoor environmental quality (IEQ) over the long-term; and (iv) determining that a damp indoor environment has been remediated and treated successfully such that occupants with CIRS-WDB may safely re-occupy the remediated space. 

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  • Corey
    - Jan 21, 2018
    Gerald...did you ever find help with this? Curious, as I have some patients that have encountered this (myself included) and didn't know where/who to turn to.
    (reply to Corey)
  • gerald
    - Apr 14, 2017
    I moved away from the source of the mycotoxins but I tried to hold on to a couple of things after discarding practically everything and I cross contaminated the new place where no mold is present. I hear very little of mycotoxin remediation without mold which is my situation. This myco attacks me instantly horribly bad. I need to speak with someone. Everyone that I talk to is skeptical.

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