Behind the Scenes Texas CIRS Virtual Conference!

Behind the Scenes Texas CIRS Virtual Conference!

Sign up today to be the first to hear our top Shoemaker Certified Physicians discuss the very latest developments in CIRS at the Virtual Conference in Fort Worth, TX!

Don't miss the chance to hear talks from Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, Dr. Scott McMahon, Dr. Keith Berndtson, Dr. Mary Ackerley, and Dr. Sonia Rapaport!

These doctors have seen thousands of CIRS patients in their own practices, and have information that could help YOU in your pursuit to good health.

Learn from the most experienced practitioners in the world, all trained by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, the leader in the treatment of Biotoxin Related Illness.

There will be individual talks from each of the physicians as well as two round table sessions.

Tweet us your questions at @SurvivingMold and it could be addressed by our panel of expert doctors during round table discussion!



  • Sean
    - May 9, 2016
    I am no longer able to view the conference, has the link ended?
  • Virginia
    - Apr 28, 2016
    This was wonderful being able to watch the recording of the conference stream. However I can't seem to find Dr. Rappaport's second talk about some of her alternative treatments. Did it get cut? Can I request a copy of it? I'm very curious as to what she presented on this topic. Thank you!

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