Healthy environment, search

Healthy environment, search


I must move from Colorado because I have lost everything from my mold illness. How can I get into a healthy environment without funds to cover cost of consultants and testing?


For those with ongoing disability related to CIRS, Social Security Disability has recognized this illness as being eligible for disability programs. Since our indigent fund has disappeared after my retirement, I know of no organizations that provide funding for testing for those who can not afford doing ERMI or HERTSMI-2.


The critical issue in finding a healthy environment is finding a safe place indoors, as opposed to outdoors, for the vast majority of people. Having said that, living in a drier climate such as Arizona and New Mexico, provides greater opportunity to live outdoors avoiding rental costs and possible contamination from swamp coolers or other indoor air conditioning devices. In years gone by we could have helped you financially but that is now in the past.


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