Cholestyramine, premixed

Cholestyramine, premixed

I find that if I mix cholestyramine with applesauce the side affects of bloating and constipation are reduced. My plan is to take applesauce and my dose of cholestyramine in separate containers with me when I am away from the home. I would mix the two ingredients just before using the medication. What would happen if I premixed the cholestyramine with applesauce at home and brought them in a single container and not separate containers?


I have never collected data on this interesting question. Technically, the longer cholestyramine stays in contact with applesauce the likely there will be binding either to humic acid or fulvic acid. There may be other anions that will slowly bind cholestyramine if you premix the ingredients. My suggestion would be to simply use Welchol when you travel and avoid the hassle of worrying about cholestyramine mixtures.


  • Susan
    - Jan 27, 2016
    You can reduce bloating by taking HCL with Pepsin. Cholestryamine reduces stomach acid I have found thereby giving the individual increased GI dysbiosis and symptoms like bloating, acid reflux and dyspepsia. For the constipation problem, a combination of 3 or more different magnesium supplements at high therapeutic doses can do two things: 1) increase important magnesium in your body as your body cannot store it -You will have decreased absorption of all nutrients due to the Cholestryamine and 2) will help produce looser stools. Also, judicious use of salt, probiotics, good SATURATED fats along with keeping yourself hydrated will increase bowel motility far more efficiently than increased fibre which will leach too much water out of your gut and actually make constipation worse. Please see the work of Dr Steven Wright of the USA for more professional digestion information on this complicated topic. And, please see your Doctor before implementing any advice you read online. All this means you can travel with just your Cholestryamine and a few additional supplements to support your digestive health during your therapy without resorting to using applesauce which is a contradiction in the use of Cholestryamine in the first place. Good health to you!

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