Mold Sickness - 15 Things All Patients Need to Know


1. Always have a plan.

2. Be careful extending your ankles in bed, as the muscle spasm, the wrenching, twisting, knotting cramps caused by capillary hypoperfusion, which in turn, is caused by inflammatory compounds seen in some CIRS-WDB.

3. Never take steroid meds by mouth unless threatened with death.

4. Trust your new-onset symptoms to tell you to get out of exposure.

5. Ask for objective data from anyone who says you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia (they don't have any). Having a positive XMRV test might not mean anything. What do the inflammation labs show?

6. Never do two interventions at once. If you do, you will have little hope of using scientific principles to get better. All you are doing is guessing. See why later.

7. It is a good bet your crawl space is moldy or your basement is moldy.

8. The diagnosis you had last year does not necessarily make sense this year.

9. If a health care provider says adrenal fatigue or androgen deficiency (without testing MSH), be very worried. And when they talk about reverse T3, run away.

10. Demand peer reviewed publications to support the basis of new therapies.

11. Never use cash-only labs unless you need new liners for canary cages.

12. Never trust negative air samples or those who rely on them to say "no mold."

13. Administrators are known to lie. And they do. Trust rarely.

14. Don't believe for a minute that you need virus killers, anti-depressants, fibromyalgia pills or bizarre therapies. You need a plan based on hard science.

15. Always evaluate action taken thoroughly. Never make assumptions without checking.