What Do I Do?

The protocol used by Dr. Shoemaker is straight forward, but there are a series of steps to be taken, each in its proper order.  The idea is that these treatment steps are similar to how one would climb a pyramid.  If the patient feels fine with simple removal from exposure, no more steps are needed.  There are a few people who are fixed with this step alone.

Cholestyramine (CSM) is the next step.  Ascending the pyramid step by step leaves a steadily smaller number of people with illness.  There are different steps that address different abnormalities in the body.  All of the steps are still being learned.  Until we have taken the "final" step, we don't know that it is final.

Dr. Shoemaker starts with differential diagnosis.  He takes a complete patient history and identifies the symptoms being experienced, followed with lab tests.  Plug the patient into the Biotoxin Pathway; follow the order of treatment that Dr. Shoemaker has published without being creative or substituting favorite unproven ideas in place of those proven to work.

The labs are monitored (MMP9, VEGF, C4a, and TGF beta-1) and Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) at each step.  The next intervention is continually enacted that fixes each uncorrected item until we get to the "top" of the treatment pyramid. 

Exposure has to be monitored like a hawk each step of the way as well.  If there is a new Water Damaged Building (WDB) exposure, you have to go back to the bottom of the pyramid and start over. 


Mold Sickness Treatment - Having the Right Plan

Surviving Mold begins with knowing what’s wrong and developing a plan to defeat the abnormal physiology of innate immunity that would otherwise inexorably progress to take the life out of living. Having the right plan means that mold sickness patients need to both listen and learn, two functions they often no longer perform well. Having the right plan means being patient, because a step-by-step mold illness treatment process doesn’t allow anyone to skip steps or be creative and do things differently. It means ignoring what you heard from a brother-in-law that he heard in a talk on the radio; or read in a blog written by some self-anointed expert from deserted sands; or read on a web page written by someone trolling for your money. All those pitfalls are out there.

Living this plan demands attention to detail, too, but in the end, all this listening, learning and doing, slowly brings back a life filled with meaning and fullness, vitality and insight, as the new therapies (all tested in IRB-approved clinical trials) correct the immunologic disease often called mold sickness.”

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Shoemaker Protocol Certified Doctors

Recently, Dr. Shoemaker began a training program for physicians wanting to practice this mold illness treatment program - the Shoemaker Protocol.

See the growing list of Certified Mold Doctors to find help in your area.

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