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Access to Dr. Shoemaker via the Membership Email Portal
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to share your questions with Dr. Shoemaker as well as view featured Q&As from our community members who share similar concerns!
Dr. Shoemaker no longer takes cases, but he is still dedicated to the cause, furthering research, and supporting patients and practitioners through the membership and the Protocol certification programs.
Stay Current and Connected with the Practitioners Section
CIRS is complex, and science is not static. Unraveling the complexities, and staying leading edge as the knowledge evolves, requires peer discussion, questions, shared insight, case studies, and continual review. Stay current and connect with other dedicated Shoemaker practitioners through the List Serve community, which brainstorms and connects every day.
Plus, submit your questions to Dr. Shoemaker via email. Due to the number of questions this feature isn’t designed to provide immediate answers to questions. If urgent attention is required, you may contact Dr. Shoemaker’s office and we will do our best to expedite your question, or ask about a phone consult with Dr. Shoemaker.
VCS Testing:
Depending on the membership package you choose, you’ll receive one complimentary VCS Test or more. The test is an extremely valuable tool for recovery and your thriving tool kit.
The VCS measures one of the neurologic functions of vision known as “contrast.” Biotoxins impair the ability to detect subtle contrast within 24-36 hours of exposure. Use it to stay vigilant about detecting and monitoring possible exposure during recovery and beyond.  The membership VCS credits are one time and do not refresh with each month.
Unlimited access to Dr. Shoemaker’s and Surviving Mold’s library of academic papers and resources.
These invaluable resources have been collected and refined over the years, and the knowledge base is vast. Plus, up-to-the-minute findings and ways to support and fine-tune your experience are still coming in every day. Chances are, if you have a question or concern, someone else does too, and we can point you to the answers you need.
Premium member-only updates, features, and resources
Members receive a monthly e-letter with the featured member Q&As, materials, updates, current information, and more.  The Surviving Mold Team is always working to bring you the latest information and developments, plus tools and features that will support you most.

Membership will automatically renew and charge your card each cycle depending on the membership package chosen (monthly, biannually, or annually). If you wish to change membership term or cancel, you must notify us in writing at info@survivingmold.com.

Due to the number of questions received and the questions answered; this program is not designed to provide an immediate response to inquiries. If you require an immediate response to your specific situation, please contact us about a phone consult with Dr. Shoemaker.


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