Post Remediation Part 2

Post Remediation Part 2

3. Post remediation, II

Are all the following textiles ones that can not be cleaned?

1. Persian rugs; 2. Comforters/blankets; 3. Pillows; 4. Mattresses


Of the four you listed, mattresses can be encased in protective “bed bags” as often used for children with dust mite allergy. Such encasement is not a substitute for thorough cleaning but after such cleaning, with encasement the bed does not have to be discarded.

The other items should be sold or discarded.


  • Gregory
    - Nov 24, 2018
    If its non-porous upholstery it often can be saved. If its porous fabric then you can try to clean it. Many try unsuccessfuly. There is no effective method known to clean porous surfaces like carpets and sofas. You may be able to clean it well enough to not react. However, if the humidity in your home goes above 50% the dormant spores may activate and produce toxins. The only sure thing is to remove, replace, reupholster. Some people can remove or isolate the item until treatment is completed. Once the abnormal genes turn off the sensitivity to exposure is not as big. This is what I'm told or read. I'm not a IEP or health care provider, so their opinion is the one to follow.
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  • Gregory
    - Nov 24, 2018
    This is from what I've read elsewhere, or from our IEP. If the contamination is from mold toxins that settled in the dust and on surfaces then similar to leather sofas suede is supposedly not cleanable. Smooth leather can be HEPA vacuumed and wiped. I'm told do not vacuum after wiping as it will bring a static charge that attracts dust. If the closet was actually moldy that is a different issue.
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  • Frieda
    - Oct 24, 2018
    I know that leather jackets are not textiles, but can they be cleaned by me? It was hanging in a closet where there was minor dust/mold in the closet.
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  • Debra
    - Sep 15, 2018
    did you find out about upholstered items? our contamination is just through particles in the air from the crawlspace, no mold growth in the house itself. I have one dear chair that is upholstered that I hope can be cleaned.
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  • Karen
    - Mar 22, 2017
    I have the same question. Why can't comforters be washed and kept? We are getting rid of the rugs just to be safe, but they are not expensive. The mattresses have to be kept though as we can't afford all new ones.
  • elyse
    - Aug 18, 2016
    Does anyone know if a solution of colloidal silver would clean the upholstery as in a sofa or rug?
  • Judith
    - May 20, 2016
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  • Jessica
    - Feb 1, 2016
    We have a rug that is literally 10k that is a family heirloom. No way my husband will throw that out. and the inspector, who is wrote in shoemakers book said sending them to be cleaned would be enough. Now i am really confused.
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  • Jessica
    - Feb 1, 2016
    I was told rugs can be sent out to be cleaned by a Shoemkaer trained inspector. Is this not true?
  • Brent
    - Jan 27, 2016
    Hi Aubrey! Good advice. I did move out, and I'm a lot better. We are buying a new house & demoing the old house & holding the lot. BTW, I tested 2 brand new houses & both had an ERMI of 3 or higher (but HERTSMI-2 and total were barely ok).
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  • Aubrey
    - Jan 11, 2016
    Hi Brent, I live in Austin, TX as well. I would say get out of there and don't look back, if at all possible. If her homeowner's insurance covers mold, I would have them pay for any remediation and sell the home. Shoemaker lists different home tests to verify levels of specific types of mold. A fresh-start would probably be the safest option, in my opinion. Hope that is helpful to you. -Donnie
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  • cynthia
    - Nov 30, 2015
    if items such as upholstered items and wood items are in 1 area and no mold is apparent could there still be mold
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  • Brent
    - Jul 13, 2015
    Question... I'm very new to the mold issue. My girlfriend has a 70 year old house with 2 roof leaks. There are swale/drainage issues on 2 sides of the house (water against house). The house smells musty when you walk in. I understand years ago the house had no A/C, and mold would grow on the walls. Crawl space. Austin TX. Would remediation even be feasible?
  • Gary
    - Feb 17, 2015
    All textiles can be cleaned per EPA guidelines unless they have actually been water damaged and have mold growing on them. In that case unless they are valuable - discard. Gary Rosen, Ph.D. 2-17-15
  • Deborah
    - Sep 16, 2014
    Hi - Why can't blankets be washed ? Thanks
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  • Casey
    - Aug 23, 2014
    why can't you wash comforters in the washing machine and keep them?

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