Fibromyalgia Part 1: The Final Frontier

Fibromyalgia Part 1: The Final Frontier

Paul Mountjoy, PhD, is a Virginia based psychotherapist, nutritionist and researcher.

What one study claims is a cause of FMS, another implies is not. New research from Duke University shows a connection between FMS and what is known as “intense creative energy,” or Type-A personality. Perhaps FMS is akin to influenza or the flu. The symptoms for sufferers are similar, but science has revealed many different viruses as a cause of the flu. FMS is a complex disorder. Many researchers are now looking at a broader context for the cause of FMS, and whether elements people are exposed to regularly could trigger an FMS response in some.

These are abridged definitions yet perhaps, herein lays fundamental connections that may explain cross-over multiple, similar symptom syndromes, particularly chronic pain syndrome (CPS) and FMS and the oft misdiagnosis of Lyme’s disease.

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