New York Report on Damp Buildings (2010)

The New York report on Damp Buildings was released last month.  We had such high hopes that the report would reflect the current state of the art in diagnosis and treatment, but our hopes were dashed.  The report itself pathetically would lead people to think that the last word on moldy indoors was published in the IOM report, written back in the Dark Ages of 2003-4.  The NY committee received multiple comments from interested persons on their draft that pointed out the obvious deficiencies and absence of rigor in the draft.  If anyone suggests that the NY report was influenced by politics, we’d like to have some specifics.  Email us at

Click here to read the NY Report.

Commentary/Criticism of the NY Report

If you don’t trust consensus statements you aren’t alone.  Desperation Medicine (2001) has pertinent chapters on The Appearance of Good Science, as does Surviving Mold.  Contact the webmaster for availability of Desperation Medicine by emailing