Janet Kim

MB.,BS(UNSW), FACNEM, Dip Counselling Psychotherapy, Cert of Medical Acupuncture, Cert of Family Planning , Cert of Family Medicine Programme,

Dr Kim graduated from University of NSW(UNSW), Australia in 1987 with a medical degree.

She trained as a General Practitioner obtaining a Certificate of Family Medicine Programme, a Certificate of Family Planning shortly after graduation.

She worked as a family physician since graduation until 2008, during which time she further trained to be a medical acupuncturist and trained in counseling and psychotherapy.

In 2008 whist working in general practice, she began training in nutritional and environmental medicine, obtaining a fellowship of ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) in 2011.

She has been working as the principal practitioner of the N Plus Clinic located in Chatswood, Sydney Australia since 2010, and her passion is looking for root causes of chronic illnesses most of her patients present with. This is why Dr Ritchie Shoemakers 's CIRS resonated so much with her and she is determined to make a difference to long suffering patients.

Dr Kim is married with 2 grown up children who now all have left home. She was looking forward to enjoying her spare time with her husband as ‘empty nesters’, until CIRS came into her life…

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