CRBAI Fundraiser

CRBAI Fundraiser
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The Center for Research on Biotoxin-Associated Illness is a 501-c-3 tax exempt organization and contributions fund research efforts and provide cash assistance to patients so they can get the care that they couldn't other wise afford.
Why donate to CRBAI?
There are lots of reasons:
(1) We are a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, so any money you send is a charitable donation (we aren’t happy with politicians taking away charitable deductions!!!).
(2) We are completely independent so no one can tell us what projects to work on.
(3) We have a track record unequalled in the field of mold, Lyme and CFS. Show us any organization in these fields that has advanced the basic science like CRBAI has. NIH? Nope. CDC? Nope. GIHN? No way. ILADS? Nope. IACFS? Forget applying for grants there if you aren’t an insider. Yet so many docs use our protocols and data in patient care.
(4) Our work is peer-reviewed and published with IRB approval.
(5) We have 12 IRB-approved projects to date. Good science is the basis of what we do. Don’t guess; don’t assume. Use the protocols that come from CRBAI research.
(6) Our research makes a difference. We are now targeting the very basis of genomics and immunology with our current projects. This year holds great promise if we can raise the research money.

As you can see, we’ve been busy over the past year, but have so much more work to do. Please consider a tax deductible donation at one of the following levels:

__ $100 will pay for one hour of statistical analysis.

__ $500 will pay for NeuroQuant analysis. Make a donation of this level and receive a copy of the Third Annual State of the art in CIRS Conference DVD

__$1500 will pay for one PAX gene tube testing. Donate at this level and receive a 30-minute discussion with one of our senior physicians (Drs. Mary Ackerley, Keith Berndtson, Scott McMahon, Sonia Rapaport, and our very own, Ritchie Shoemaker).

__$5000 will pay for one CIRS-physician-in-training to study with a certified physician. Donate at this level and receive before and after genomics studies (two genomic tests).

__$10,000 will pay for 20 analyses of depurination of the ribosomal sarcin-ricin loop (it is in the RNA-seq paper). Donors at this level will receive five genomic tests.

__$50,000 will pay for a published paper. Our generous donors at this level will receive public recognition of support in the paper. is acting as a facilitator in the distribution of this announcement and receives no compensation from any donations made.
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