Art and Science of CIRS

Art and Science of CIRS is pleased to announce the E-book publication of the Art and Science of CIRS Medicine. Written by Ritchie C. Shoemaker, M.D., Scott McMahon, M.D., and Andrew Heyman, M.D., MHSA, this publication is the long-awaited textbook of CIRS medicine.

The book itself contains chapters of pertinent elements of CIRS medicine together with intriguing cases from the CIRS Academy and multiple published academic papers. The text on GENIE alone make it a must read. This book is targeted towards students of the inflammatory and metabolic physiology found in CIRS that wreak such never-ending havoc on so many people.

Reviewers of the book comment:

“This book is incredible. Much needed in this age of misinformation!” Lysander Jim, M.D.

Diane Parks, NP says, “To say I am totally blown away by this book is an understatement. One day I will have the authors teach me how to ‘do it all’ while maintaining their busy schedules. This is such an important book for providers and patients alike and a labor of love by all who participated.”

April Vukelic, D.O., says “This book is a page turner!”

Peg DiTulio, NP comments, “A substantive work that should change the game for many. Congrats on the find work!”

Jacki Meinhardt NP adds, “It is a great book and a thorough explanation of CIRS. Very enjoyable read. There were a few sections that I had to reread and think about because of its complexity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading.”

Available from Surviving Mold on the store tab, the E-book is currently for sale for $25. Get your copy today!

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