Shoemaker Protocol Certification

Shoemaker Protocol Certification

“In the future, we will be offering an exam, open for docs to take, that will show their competence in the basic sciences and clinical management of illnesses associated with exposure to biotoxins. We will be allowed, I am told, to publish a list of those physicians who have passed the test. We won’t be allowed to show who didn’t pass the test or how many times they needed to take the test. Naturally, we can’t publish the test contents or scores either. We won’t be allowed to call this test a “Board” exam, as that might imply we had applied for and received approval to provide certification as Specialty Board. We haven’t and (likely) won’t.”

-Ritchie Shoemaker, MD

The Future is Now!!!!

We are pleased to report that the process to certify physicians in the “Shoemaker Protocol” is complete. In fact, the test bank of questions for the exam has been built.


Shoemaker Protocol Certification

There are 5 steps to certification.


The first step is completion of the Proficiency Partners Course and Exam. 

The second step is two written essays on (1) Surviving Mold Treatment Protocol and (2) Evidence Based Medicine.

The third step is your review and comment on a manuscript.

Fourthstep is a series of practice questions administered by Dr. Shoemaker.

The fifth and final step is an oral case exam.

Estimated time of completion is individual. Some have completed their work in two weeks; others two years.

We are available by email during the certification process if you have any questions.

All steps are to be returned and reviewed by Dr. Shoemaker. If corrections are made by Dr. Shoemaker, that step will be returned for correction. Phone calls will be scheduled after each step.

After you are certified, I will ask for clean copies of the essays, a bio and a picture for the announcement of your certification for the SM site and social media. Your information will be made public as a referral for patients looking for a provider. You will also be added to the Surviving Mold list serve of practitioners. This group of physicians brain storms daily.

Please understand that CIRS medicine is specialized and highly complex. We do not provide case management as part of your tuition. We will work with you to help you become an expert.

Essay Questions-The essay question are designed to illustrate the doctor’s level of understanding of the Shoemaker Protocol and evidenced based medicine. It is simply another step in the learning process.

Oral Exam-In this final stage of Certification, the physician will be asked to demonstrate his competence in case management through use of one of the most time honored forms of testing in medicine. One on one, using several cases the diplomate “to be” will be challenged to bring all his skills and knowledge to bear quickly and accurately. At the completion of certification, Dr. Shoemaker will guide you through the entire Protocol using one of your selected patients.


Price $ 3,000.00



It is important to understand that this is not an on line study course. The material, training and testing described will be administered directly by Dr. Shoemaker. You will obtain your certification directly from the physician that developed the protocol. It is a tremendous opportunity that fewer and fewer will have going forward. Dr. Shoemaker’s time constraints are still enormous and ever increasing. We strongly recommend that if you have a desire to become certified in the Shoemaker Protocol that you begin today. We believe that in the very near future, you will be glad that you certified as we will be able to respond accurately and confidently to the number one question submitted to the Surviving Mold website: “Is there a doctor in my area that practices the Shoemaker Protocol?

Price: $3,000.00 Quantity: