Tamara Lyday

Dr. Tamara Lyday has been a functional and integrative physician since 2017. Prior to that she spent 11 years as a family practitioner, but was never quite satisfied with conventional medical approaches. Her mother’s illness and subsequent side effects to traditional treatments prompted her to learn more about integrative medicine and she has not looked back.Dr. Lyday noticed how her mother's cancer treatment seemed to cause autoimmune disorders and additional health problems. She was frustrated by the fact that traditional medical care did not take into account the many different side effects that could occur as a result of a treatment plan.She resolved to find a better way to provide care by restoring patient health and committed herself to becoming a functional medicine practitioner. During that time, Dr. Lyday saw many patients who had given up on ever receiving an accurate diagnosis, let alone a cure, for their illness. She pursued training and certifications in functional and integrative medicine, including specialty training and certifications in the treatment of mold-related illnesses and Lyme Disease. At the time of her certification, she was one of only 26 practitioners in the world who were Shoemaker certified in mold treatment protocols.After 4 years as a functional and integrative medical practitioner, she opened The Lyday Center to provide a dedicated resource for people who are suffering from mystery illnesses and ailments that don’t respond to conventional treatment and are seeking natural solutions to their chronic illnesses. Dr. Lyday is personable, offering down-to-earth advice with compassion and a sense of humor. She is committed to picking up where modern medicine leaves off and will help everyone she meets. (920)-412-8184doctor@thelydaycenter.com

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