Ming Dooley

It is a great honor to be the first licensed acupuncturist certified in the Surviving Mold Protocol. Being the daughter of a physicist, I was brought up to think logically. As a young adult I was drawn towards the study of holistic medicine as a means of helping others; I completed my Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego in 1992. Through my certification in the Surviving Mold Protocol I have found the fulfillment of my childhood dreams, as the protocol combines science, research, and discovery, with helping people.After a brief stint in private practice I worked as a professional mother, homeschooling my 4 children through high school. At the same time, I assisted my husband, Dr. Timothy Dooley, M.D. N.D., as Office Manager of his homeopathic medical practice. During this time period I obtained my certification in Classical Homeopathy by the Evolution of Self School of Homeopathy. When it was time to resume my career, a traditional acupuncture practice did not appeal to me. In August 2015, I completed a rigorous 1-year post-graduate program in Classical Five Element Acupuncture at the Institute of Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Santa Monica, a style of acupuncture that works with the body, mind, heart and spirit. I began treating my husband's patients, who suffered from fatigue, fibromyalgia, and stress. My results mirrored his; treatments provided temporary relief, but symptoms persisted. One of these patients was involved in a mold lawsuit. I had heard of the Surviving Mold Protocol as the treatment of choice, but I didn’t know anything about it. As I began to study the protocol on her behalf, I ended up discovering that almost every patient I was treating had a susceptible genotype and had labs that indicated Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). I signed up for the certification program, eager to master the knowledge and skills involved in treating CIRS. Out of curiosity, I decided to test some of my biomarkers. My study to complete my certification was enhanced by my own journey and practical experience on the path to healing from CIRS. This culminated with my certification in November of 2017. Since my certification I have co-authored the recently published Diagnostic Process for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS): A Consensus Statement Report of the Consensus Committee of Surviving Mold, and presented at the CIRS Conference in Salisbury, Maryland in May, 2018.My vision is to use my skills and training to enhance and transform people’s lives as well as join Dr. Shoemaker and the other pioneers in the Surviving Mold family in the cutting-edge research that is taking place in the field. Those who know me describe me as enthusiastic, full of passion and curiosity for everything I’m involved with, and possessing endless persistence and determination to accomplish whatever I set out to do. When I am not working or studying, I spend my time doing meditation, growing food with aquaponics, hiking or cycling outdoors in nature, or training at the climbing gym. You may also find me traveling to far away locations to do the same.As a licensed acupuncturist, it is not part of my scope of practice to prescribe the prescription medications that are a part of the protocol; however, I can order all necessary lab work and guide you through the protocol just like any other certified practitioner. Consequently, it will be necessary for me to work with your doctor or help you find a doctor, in order for you to receive the necessary prescriptions. I share an office in San Diego with my husband at 2333 Camino Del Rio S, #130. San Diego, CA 92108. I can be reached by email at ming@holisticresonancecenter.com or on my private voicemail, 858-222-3427.

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