Mark Volmer, D.Ac. - Certified Practitioner

Hi, I’m Mark. As the Functional Medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, and researcher at Flourish Clinic, I empower people just like you to beat fatigue (for good!) and focus their energy towards their passions. I studied acupuncture at MacEwan University and Functional Medicine at the Kresser Institute in Berkley, California. I practice Functional Medicine, specializing in fatigue-related illnesses. For me, health is so much more than the absence of disease. Health is a superior state of well-being. But, it wasn’t always that way for me… In my twenties, I was exhausted. And completely lost. Every morning was a struggle to get out of bed. I didn’t want to go to school or work. But, I was healthy, or, so I thought. I was exercising multiple times a week, ate a “nutritious” diet (according to the Canada food guide), and my lab tests were impeccable. To combat the (now overwhelming) fatigue, I saw medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy healers, and shamans. All tried to help me get my chutzpah back. But it didn’t work. I was still tired all the time. It wasn’t until I sat cross-legged in a 10-day silent meditation retreat that I had an a-ha moment: My fatigue was not caused by a medical illness. It was a sign that I was not living a life aligned with my values. Meaning and purpose were missing in my life. I left that retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and lots of energy. I was convinced that I wanted to study natural medicine. And that fatigue could be overcome by living a life aligned with your values. I was so wrong. Shortly after receiving my acupuncture license, I got tired again. Really tired. All that meaning and purpose I had in my life suddenly vanished. Another silent meditation clued me in. Purpose and meaning are not finite destinations. They are processes. We have to keep working at them. But in my work with patients, meaning and purpose didn’t help everyone. Neither did acupuncture. If I’m being completely honest, it hardly helped anyone. There had to be other causes of fatigue. What was I was missing in my training? I dove into the medical research. Studied Functional Medicine, read every book and medical journal there was on fatigue. I learned that treating fatigue involved so much more than creating meaning and purpose. I learned the food we eat plays a pivotal role in our body’s ability to create energy. I’ve spent the majority of my career studying the different causes of fatigue. It is one of the most complicated and multi-faceted conditions to treat. Its cause is often due to a combination of issues, including: Cortisol imbalances Unknown dietary allergies and/or sensitivities Hidden gut infections Blood sugar irregularities Toxic mold exposure And yes, even a lack of meaning or purpose in our life Do you know the #1 reason why we stop pursuing our ambitions? I don’t either. But in my work with over a thousand patients, I’ve discovered that a lack of energy always plays a role. I know that you have a unique gift. At this point, you may be too tired to even think about that. But believe me, there’s something special inside of you. And when you share it with the world, we all benefit. And that’s why we created Flourish Clinic. To help you overcome fatigue and get back to sharing your passion(s) with the world. To the right of the screen, there’s a sign-up form for my free e-Book. Please check it out. It has information about the 4 hidden causes of fatigue. Plus, unique strategies to overcome each! I hope I get the opportunity to work with you at Flourish Clinic in the not so distant future.

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