Lynese Lawson

Dr. Lynese Lawson is the founder and medical director of Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC (PWC) of Tysons Corner, Virginia. Founded in 2006, PWC is one of the leading Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine specialty practices in the Metropolitan Washington DC area serving patients from Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and many who have traveled from thousands of miles away. After being a board-certified, practicing anesthesiologist for nearly 20 years, Dr. Lawson came to the realization that her real passion was to help people avoid chronic disease rather than focusing only on the surgical side of health care. She made her transition into the field of integrative medicine by completing a fellowship program and board certification process in AntiAging/Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Because she personally thrives on learning new information and expanding her thinking and ability to heal, over the years the treatment modalities at PWC have expanded from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to include heart attack and stroke prevention using the Bale Doneen Method, fibromyalgia and fatigue using Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s protocols, intravenous nutritional therapies and most recently Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome/Mold illness using the Shoemaker protocol. Today, PWC reflects Dr. Lawson's vision to bring an integrative approach to patient care that merges the latest in scientifically-validated treatment protocols with the best of conventional medical therapies. When combined with her quest for continuous research, this approach helps patients recover from complex chronic illnesses and achieve the optimal health they deserve.

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