Linda Goggin

Dr. Linda (Sunny) Goggin MD is a family physician and director of Feel Good Functional Medicine in Bellingham, Washington. She obtained her medical degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1999, subsequently completing her residency in family practice at Exempla St Joseph Family Practice Residency in Denver, Colorado . Her career has spanned the gamut of family practice, including time as a rural country doc (which included being everything from house calls and manning the ER to directing the Health Department), as a hospitalist in the Kaiser System,and working in a bustling family practice in a large group setting. Throughout these experiences, there have been patients that remained mysteries, those who clearly had a process happening in their bodies, yet no clear answer for the cause of their symptoms.

Several years ago, Dr Goggin found herself in the role of patient struggling to find an answer for her own personal mystery illness. Finding little help in standard conventional medicine, she made a deep dive into integrative medicine to try and find the root cause. Her search led to extensive training in functional medicine and exposure to Dr Shoemaker’s research and body of work regarding Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Recognizing that both herself and many of her patients were affected by this multi-system, multi-symptom illness, Dr Goggin poured herself into understanding CIRS, as well as educating others about this important emerging health challenge.

Dr. Goggin is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine and she is a board-certified family physician (AAFP). She has also done additional functional medicine training through the Living Proof Institute. She is the author of Feel Good Again: A Game-Changing Guide to Creating Wellness, Energy, Joy and an Enthusiasm for Life.

Dr Linda (Sunny) Goggin MD
Feel Good Functional Medicine
1815 C St Ste. K-37
Bellingham, WA 98225

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