Karen Johnson

Karen D. Johnson M.D., ABOIM, IFMCP graduated with Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan and specialized in Family Medicine. Professional memberships include the American Academy of Family Physicians and The College of Family Physicians of Canada.
Additional training includes completing the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, certification in Foundations in Herbal Medicine, American Board of Integrative Medicine certification and certification from Institute of Functional Medicine. In addition, I am honored to be acknowledged by Dr. Shoemaker, whose ongoing work has enriched my understanding of CIRS and enables me to apply the latest research to assist patients achieve optimal health.

My practice is on the Big Island of Hawaii. I require to see new patients in person for the first visit. Hawaii is a wonderful destination! Ongoing care will be managed by phone/Skype consultation following your initial visit. I look forward to providing care to new and existing patients on the islands and elsewhere.

My passions, apart from medicine, include organic gardening, preparing healthy food, alpine skiing and my beloved dogs and horses

Contact kohalamedicine@gmail.com

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