Judy Cho, BCHN, FNTP, CLS - Proficiency Partner Diplomate

Judy Cho is board certified in holistic nutrition, a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, and the author of Carnivore Cure, Meat-Based Nutrition and the ultimate elimination diet for optimal health. She holds a Psychology and Communications degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Judy’s private practice focuses on root-cause healing and gut health with Carnivore Cure’s meat-only elimination diet. Judy found that when meat-only carnivore doesn’t fully heal a person, there’s usually a deeper root cause issue. Diet can be a big piece of the puzzle in holistic health, but it may not be the last piece. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) can often be a large piece of the puzzle, especially if a chronic illness is present. We serve our clients by uncovering the missing puzzle pieces to their healing journey. We all deserve a life nearly symptom-free. Diet will always play a pivotal role as it can lessen systemic inflammation in the body. Animal-based foods gave Judy a second chance at life, and she is passionate about giving back and healing the world one steak at a time.

Nutrition with Judy 11900 Jollyville Road, Unit 200782 Austin, TX 78720-5033



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