John Whitcomb

Dr Whitcomb comes to the Mold Community with a very deep range of experience. Having grown up in India of agricultural engineering missionaries, he came to medicine with a deep sense of service and healing as a personal mission. He went to school at Yale Medical where he was given a graduation award for patient advocacy for assisting in devising a longitudinal primary care clinic for medical students, the first of its kind, and now copied in virtually every medical school in America. He continued a history of innovation and early adaption throughout a 25 year career in internal medicine and then emergency medicine where he became board certified in both. He knows traditional health care intimately. "That’s the problem,” he says. "Traditional health care has the wrong fundamental design. It waits till you are sick rather than going upstream to the primary cause and understanding how to keep you well."

Ten years ago Dr Whitcomb began training in functional and anti-aging medicine, becoming fellowship trained and board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He pushed that to its completion by also adding on a Master’s Degree from the University of South Florida in Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine in 2011. “You have to understand how the complexity of human physiology works so you can get to the core of the issue. Your body wants to be well and will attempt to heal itself if you take away the impediments. Modern medicine simply assigns you a diagnosis and matches you up to a treatment program as the corporate structure of medicine insists you only see one problem at a time, and do it all in 7 minutes. No healing, no cure in that world.”

CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) from whatever source represents a whole new universe of medical illness. “Understanding CIRS and black mold, lyme, ciguatera, blue green algae, pfiesteria will give us the tools to explain half of the ailments plaguing our clients today, and for which there are no satisfactory solutions in our traditional medical world,” he explains. "The mystery illnesses of chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, adult depression, POTS, adult asthma and many other disabling conditions are understood once we piece together the ingenious Biotoxin Pathway that Dr Shoemaker has painstakingly discovered for us. This is an exciting time to be practicing medicine as the disabling and confusing diagnoses these represent suddenly open up to a logical pathway, based on sound science, measurable labs, actionable plans and wholeness and healing at the end of the tunnel. This is fulfilling and satisfying to lead people out of incredible darkness and confusion. I want to live long enough to see Dr Shoemaker placed in the position of one of America’s unique giants in medical discovery. It will happen. And our customers will be there to benefit from it.”

Dr Whitcomb’s practice in Brookfield, Wisconsin focuses on Brain Health and the prevention of Alzheimer’s, reversal and treatment of CIRS, real weight loss for longevity, hormone replacement for men and women, alternative and holistic approaches to cancer care….and all of these in a delightful, safe and clean environment. “It’s a fulfilling time to have these tools in our hands. We should be grateful for the opportunity to shed light on all this new knowledge."

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