Eric Dorninger ND, LAc

Eric Dorninger ND, LAc

Dr. Eric Dorninger graduated pre-med from University of Colorado,
Boulder in 1997. Highlights during undergrad included Volunteering for
Porter Care Hospice, shadowing renowned herbalist Brigette Mars and
earning his EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). This dual exposure
of medical perspectives laid down the roots for Dr. D’s integrated
approach to diagnosis, treatment and healing.

Following undergrad, Dr. Dorninger served as an EMT for the Cranford
First Aid Squad in Cranford, NJ. Thereafter, he completed his Doctor of
Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Science in Acupuncture at Bastyr
University in 2003 and returned back to Boulder Colorado to complete a
2 year residency in Naturopathic Primary Care.

In 2005, Dr. Dorninger founded Roots and Branches Integrative Health
Care, a clinic dedicated to “Mystery Illness” where he focuses on
elucidating the underlying causes of unrelenting chronic Illness.

Dr. Dorninger is not concerned with “What you have” as much as he is
with “Why you have it” and has dedicated his professional life to a
deeper understanding of Differential Diagnosis based in the tradition of
“Remove Obstacles to Cure”.

After the 2013 floods in Boulder, Dr. Dorninger noticed patients who
were initially getting better suddenly regressed. Moreover, patient’s he
was struggling to diagnose got worse. Could Water Damaged Building
have something to do with it? Was Biotoxin Illness a missing piece of of
finding the underlying causes. Was biotoxin illness making his own
family sick? You bet.

Fortunately, Dr. D was guided to the honest, data driven, peer-reviewed,
reproducible published work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and in 2014 Dr.
Dorninger signed on for his Shoemaker certification training.

Dr. Shoemaker has been the best mentor, CIRS “Sensei” and beacon of
biotoxin scientific truth one could ever ask for. Dr. Shoemaker guided
Dr. D and his family through their journey with CIRS. Dr. Dorninger
applies his clinical and personal experience with CIRS to support and
graduate patients with CIRS everyday.

“This is a treatable illness when the steps of the Shoemaker protocol are
followed with earnest integrity, authenticity and sincerity. The most
difficult step after finally getting accurately diagnosed is removing
patient’s from the biotoxin exposure. CIRS diagnosis and treatment is a
grind. We embrace the grind.”, Dr. Dorninger

In addition to private practice, Dr. D teaches functional medicine for
Apex Energetics Nutraceuticals, practices Jujitzu, skis and enjoys
watching his biotoxin genetically susceptible kids thrive post CIRS

To Contact Dr. Dorninger:

Roots and Branches Integrative Health Care
183 S. Taylor Ave. Suite 158 Louisville, CO 80027
website: (P) 303-449-94949
email: (F) 303-449-4776
Youtube “Dr Eric Dorninger Mold and Mood”
Instagram @Integrateddoc

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