Diane Parks

Diane Parks is the nurse practitioner and founder of The Well for Health located in Davidson, NC. She has more than 35 years of experience in providing exceptional health care services and holds a master of science in nursing and certifications as a women’s health nurse practitioner, sexual counselor and nurse midwife.

When she opened her practice ten years ago, Diane focused primarily on issues of women’s concerns – hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction, physical and emotional aspects of the transition into menopause. Diane is the only nurse practitioner in North Carolina dually certified offering a unique ability to combine her experience to manage sexual concerns as related to physical and emotional changes throughout adulthood. Individualized treatment plans have been designed optimally manage hormone, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, GI dysfunction, weight insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular risks and sexual concerns.

As chronic maladies often originate from the genesis of multiple causes, Diane realized the need to extend her area of expertise to include other programs designed to investigate, diagnose, treat and ameliorate conditions effected by environments, genetic and pathologic entities. She became certified by Institute of Functional Medicine, an organization committed to finding and treatment the root cause of disease so often present but many time ignored or overlooked by other providers.

In addition, she recently became certified by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker for his protocol in management of CIRS (Chronic Immune Response Syndrome). This multi-symptom, multi-system syndrome results from exposure to toxins such as mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, to name a few, all associated with water damaged buildings. The Shoemaker protocol is a highly researched, very effective treatment plan which has been so beneficial for thousands of patients affected by chronic, unrelenting ailments, which have contributed to such poor quality of life. Diane has found it so rewarding as a partner with her patients to witness the return to a much better quality of life.


Diane M Parks, APRN-NP

The Well for Health, PLLC

575 Davidson Gateway Drive

Suite 100

Davidson, NC 28036

704-799-5433 (o) thewellforhealth@gmail.com


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