Colleen Belmont, MSN, FNP-C - Proficiency Partners Diplomate

Colleen Belmont, MSN, FNP-C

Integrative Medicine Cenetr of Western Colorado
2470 Patterson Rd., Suite 8
Grand Junction, CO 81505


Colleen is a board certified family nurse practitioner who has a passion for treating the whole individual and identifying the root cause of disease. She believes that an integrative approach to health shifts the focus to prevention and immunity building, which is imperative to the wellbeing of every individual. In addition to this, she enjoys helping people restore health through functional medicine which focuses on restoring wellness to core systems such as hormones, digestive, immune, detoxification, and cellular energy, which may include testing for nutritional deficiencies, allergies, environmental toxins, heavy metal burden, infections or biotoxins. She is excited to be a certified CIRS proficiency partner, joining a team of experts committed to restoring individuals whose lives have been disrupted by biotoxin illness.

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