Bruce Hoffman

Dr Hoffman is a family physician and director of the Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine in Calgary, Alberta. He was born and educated in South Africa, obtaining his medical degree from the University of Cape Town. He emigrated to Canada in 1986 and pursued family practice in rural Saskatchewan. Dr. Hoffman has been practicing in Calgary for the past 25 years. Dr Hoffman is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner (IFM), has obtained his Masters Degree in Nutrition (University of South Florida) and is board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M). He has also completed additional training in the treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne co-infections (ILADS). In addition, he is the medical director of the Brain Treatment Centre of Alberta, utilizing QEEG and neuro/biofeedback to treat brain disorders.

Dr Hoffman first heard Dr Shoemaker lecture in 2001 and has remained an observant student of Dr Shoemaker’s (and allied health researchers and clinicians’) ground-breaking discoveries ever since. In 2010, Dr Hoffman began to implement the CIRS protocols in his practice and was able to obtain, in Canada, the lab tests and medications required for the effective implementation of these protocols. He is, at present, the only Canadian medical doctor trained and qualified in the CIRS approach to treating chronic illness. When the housing market boomed in Calgary in 2007, many homes were constructed at a rapid pace. The city building inspectors performed perfunctory home inspections, and many homes were built with less-than-adequate roof ventilation. His newly constructed duplex in Calgary was not exempt; in 2014, he noticed dark stains around the pot lights, leaking intake vents, water stains in the basement and more. Having mold in his own home was an incredible learning experience but also an awful way to gain such experience.

Dr Hoffman is deeply grateful for the guidelines provided by Dr Shoemaker’s team emails and the consensus statements they have written (essential reading - available on Calgary experienced a dramatic flood a few years ago, during which half the city and the surrounding areas were underwater for several days. Since that time, many patients have been screened for CIRS, with a large number meeting the criteria for diagnosis. With Canada having a provincially funded healthcare system, it was an interesting experience having to work outside the local healthcare system to obtain US-based labs and treatments. Dr Hoffman has laid all the groundwork for reproducing the CIRS workup in Canada. There is, however, only a single centre in all of Canada willing to perform Neuroquant MRIs (private only, paid for by the patient). Finally, as of July 2017, Canada has an available source of VIP!

His further studies include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (University of Alberta, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture), Ayurvedic Medicine, (Bastyr University, completing a short residency in Poona, India), Homeopathy, German Biological Medicine (Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt), Anti-Aging Medicine with A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), Family Constellation Therapy (certified by Mark Wolynn and Dietrich Klinghardt), Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy, Jungian psychotherapy, deep-tissue bodywork (Hellerwork) and meditation with John Kabat-Zinn and Deepak Chopra. Dr Hoffman became interested in many aspects of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory of Health and Healing. Inspired by this theory and driven by his fundamental interests, he developed his own roadmap with which to assist patients (Seven Stages of Health and Transformation - book written, unpublished; further editing in progress). The Seven Stages model considers the multiple levels and layers that inform health and the healing process, including the upstream factors that influence biochemistry and physiology.

Dr Hoffman has been significantly influenced by the rigor that Dr Shoemaker has brought to his diagnostic and treatment approaches. In spite of his interest in various aspects of the healing trajectory, Dr. Hoffman has found it essential to follow the CIRS protocol exactly as it was intended, moving through the protocol sequentially and meeting all the criteria in a step-by-step way. One of the most frequent educational statements he finds himself repeating to patients contains the phrase “specific causation.” Because of this concept and the discussions by Dr Shoemaker concerning true evidence-based medicine, he has been left indelibly influenced. He is extremely grateful to Dr Shoemaker and his group of allied health professionals and indoor air/remediation specialists for this experience.

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