Frequently Asked Questions Volume 7 EBOOK

Frequently Asked Questions Volume 7 EBOOK

Beginning in 2011, a Physicians Section of Survivingmold provided a forum for discussion of issues regarding mold, Lyme, chronic inflammatory response syndromes and more. Part of the forum included a dialogue on questions that have importance for physicians and patients alike.

The interaction initiated in the Physician Section demonstrated the enormous demand for those seeking answers for the specific questions. In response, The Surviving Mold Membership Forum was established in May 2013.

A group of us at Surviving Mold recognized that we shared a similar motivation to attempt to understand the need to share information about adverse health effects acquired following exposure to the interior environment of water-damaged buildings. There are many patients on the members list, but it also includes other physicians, mental health professionals, health professionals and advocates.

The purpose of the members list is to discuss issues in an open and objective manner, and to share and benefit from each other's knowledge and experience. We are starting with questions directed to Dr. Shoemaker by patients; we hope to expand to have other professionals answering questions soon.

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