Physicians Certified in the Shoemaker Protocol

Dr. Shoemaker has completed establishing the process by which physicians can earn certification in the Shoemaker Protocol. This will allow us to answer the question that is most frequently submitted to the website, “Is there a doctor in my area that can help me?”
The first phase of testing has begun. Those who pass the exam will be noted and endorsed on the site (if acceptable to the individual doc) as a Diplomate. We expect that those without such status will not receive endorsement that patients would deem important in considering referrals.
This is a never before offered opportunity, and availability is limited. Physicians now have the opportunity to train on a one on one basis with Dr. Shoemaker. Click for more information on the Shoemaker Protocol Physician Certification.
Having retired from practice in January, Dr. Shoemaker is now focusing on certifying physicians as experts, expanding the use of the genomic aspects of biotoxin illness, and publishing information stored in countless datasets. And as far as unveiling the complexity of chronic inflammatory response syndrome goes, he will keep looking for a cure.

Below you will find a list of physicians who have completed the protocol. To learn more about them, please click their name to be taken to their bio and contact information. The essay link is available as a resource to all physician subscribers as a reference for the Shoemaker Certification Protocol.

We will be adding more names as they complete the program. To know first when physicians are added, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter; as we will announce them as soon as they are posted.

List of Certified Physicians-Shoemaker Protocol

Name Location Shoemaker Protocol Essay
Scott W. McMahon, MD New Mexico ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Mary Ackerley, MD, MDH, ABIHM Arizona ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Raj Patel, MD California ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2
Keith Berndtson, MD Illinois ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Robin Thomson, MD Montana ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Sonia Rapaport, MD North Carolina ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Dave W. Ou, MD Georgia ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Carla Brook Montana ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF
Sandeep Gupta, MD Australia ESSAY 1 PDF - ESSAY 2 PDF