What is CIRS?

Posted on December 24th, 2014

mold on wallsThe proper definition of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is “An acute and chronic, systemic inflammatory response syndrome acquired following exposure to the interior environment of a water-damaged building with resident toxigenic organisms, including, but not limited to fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes and mycobacteria as well as inflammagens such as endotoxins, beta glucans, hemolysins, proteinases, mannans and possibly spirocyclic drimanes; as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).”

You can also get a Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome illness from a brown recluse spider bite; from fish that have been contaminated with ciguetera; and from Borrelia burgdorferi, the bug that causes Lyme Disease.

But regardless of how you get a Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome illness, treatment should begin with finding a physician who understands how to correctly diagnose and treat it.

 Patti Schmidt, MS, is a therapist and SurvivingMold.com’s health coach. Email her at pattischmidt9@yahoo.com.




2 Responses to What is CIRS?

  1. Mary Teets says:

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia somewhere around 2005 or 2006. I am in the construction field and live in the area of Florida where Hurricane Charley hit in 2004. At first my primary physician (his P.A. diagnosed me) had been the only Dr. I had seen for this “mysterious” condition. Basically, he put me on Celebrex which is not very effective now. Maybe 2 weeks and then it stops working. I have to go off of it for awhile and then go back on. Anyway, I found a holistic D.O. in Port Charlotte, FL, Dr Gruning who uses Dr. Shoemakers protocol. It was discovered through about 2 quarts of blood that I had Toxic Mold Syndrome. I was put on Cholestyramine and supplements and a special diet and after about 5 months time I passed the VCS test. My questions are these: Does fibromyalgia and CIRS fall under Toxic Mold Syndrome or is it the opposite. My husband and I bought a new Modular home to be as sure as possible there was no mold (I have not had a mold test done in the new house) We had all the flooring removed (most carpeting) and put in laminated wood floor in it’s place. My fibro attacks seem to be getting worse and more consistent since last spring even though my VCS tests are coming back a pass. Just not sure what to do at this point. Have not tried Lyrica or Cymbalta. Would you recommend either of those meds. I have an artificial mitral valve due to Rheumatic fever when I was 3 years old. The valve was replaced when I was 35 and I now 60. Thank you for your time.

  2. colleen says:

    I need help. No money. I’m dying from toxic mold my lungs burn, balance priblems,extreme dizziness, breathing problems , rapid heartbeat, blurred vision and so much more. Can’t find an environment that I didn’t react to. My health continues to decline. Please help. I have no way to check email. No internet access. Please call me at 253 951 0798. Thank u.

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